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November 25, 2016

Currie/MacMhuirich Family to be Honored at Edinburgh Tattoo

An Historic Celebration of the Currie Bardic Family to Take Place at the Royal Edinburgh Tattoo on August 19, 2017.

The Clan Currie Society has secured tickets for our family's participation in the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo.

The MacMhuirich/Currie Family have been invited to attend the August 19th, 10:30 PM performance of the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo. We plan to attend the show dressed in our Currie tartan in record numbers.

Furthermore, some fifty of us will be taking to the Castle Esplanade as part of the evening's performance to be recognized.Ticket sales for the Clan Currie Society are now available.To purchase these tickets, you will need a link and password to the special ticketing site.

You must email [email protected] in order to receive this information.We anticipate hosting a family dinner in Edinburgh earlier in the evening and then processing together to the Castle.

Currie pipers are encouraged to join us and provide appropriate musical accompaniment for us up the Royal Mile - similar to our triumphant march during The Gathering in 2009.

The Tattoo performance will conclude a week-long schedule of family events and outings throughout Scotland.

Please continue to follow the Clan Currie Facebook page for additional details when known.

Hope to see you in Scotland next August!