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About Dr. Philip J. Currie

Dr. Philip J. Currie is a paleontologist respected worldwide for his scientific accomplishments and passion for his vocation. In addition to his remarkable achievements of discovery, research, and publication, Dr. Currie has a long history as a strong advocate and leader in developing Albertan paleontological resources. He was instrumental in creating a resurgence of interest in the exceptional fossil resources of the province in the 1980s. Dr. Currie championed efforts to have Dinosaur Provincial Park, southeast of Calgary, successfully declared a World Heritage Site and helped found the Royal Tyrell Museum, a dinosaur museum that made Drumheller, AB the hub of tourism and science it is today.

In the midst of his other commitments, Dr. Currie has been closely involved with the Pipestone Creek fossil site for over 25 years and has done much to advance the development of the bonebed. A New Horned Dinosaur from an Upper Cretaceous Bonebed in Alberta, his co-authored book on the bonebed’s unique species – Pachyrhinosaurus lakustai – was printed in October 2008. The long-time Albertan’s areas of expertise include theropods (meat-eating dinosaurs,) the origin of birds, dinosaur migration patterns and herding behavior.

His work on feathered dinosaurs – the driving force behind the theory that birds descended from dinosaurs – is regarded as ground-breaking and he is considered the leading authority on small meat-eating dinosaurs. In collaboration with his colleagues, Dr. Currie has been responsible for naming 25 new species. Presently a professor of biological sciences at the University of Alberta and the Canadian chair of Research in Dinosaur Palaeobiology, Dr. Currie’s most recent major honour was the Alberta Order of Excellence, bestowed upon him by the Lieutenant Governor of Alberta in 2010.