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August 4, 2017

A Commander Has Been Nominated

The Clan Currie Society sponsored an extensive publicity effort on behalf of the worldwide Currie family beginning in December 2016 combining paid advertising and press releases in print and online media such as The London Times, The Scotsman, The Scottish Banner, and Celtic Life Magazine with print, radio and social media efforts that had a potential reach in excess of 200,000 people around the world.

The purpose of this effort was to make as widely known as possible the news of the Currie Family Convention and the invitation for Curries to participate as official voting attenders and nominate representers who could be elected as our first Commander.

The results of these ongoing efforts have yielded twenty-some official attendees from Scotland, England, and North America. Two inquiries were made about being nominated as a representer: one from Australia and the other from Scotland, but neither continued in the process of submitting a formal application when invited to do so.

A Scottish armiger, Alan Currie, nominated an American with Scottish arms, Robert (Raibert) Currie (MacMhurich), as a representer. Currie accepted the nomination and has submitted his formal application, which the official attendees of the Currie Family Convention will consider and vote upon at their meeting of 15 August 2017 at the Trades Hall in Glasgow.

Reminder: All convention participants must pre-register to attend. Email Rev. Dr. David Currie at [email protected]