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June 1, 2017

Dress Code & Security Details Announced for Currie Night at the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo

We have received revised guidance from the Edinburgh Military Tattoo organizers regarding the wearing of clan tartan clothing during the march up the Royal Mile to the castle on August 19th. Effectively, they want whatever article of tartan clothing you're planning to wear to be very visible. The revised guidance is:

Dress Code. The Tattoo are not going to enforce a strict dress code but it is incumbent on the Chiefs to do so. Malcolm MacGregor and I (Jamie McNab) are agreed that men in the retinues should be asked to wear kilts, trous, plaids or tartan jackets. Ladies in the retinues should be asked to wear kilts, tartan skirts, tartan shawls, tartan jackets or tartan sashes. Tartan ties, hats or ribbons are not adequate.

Please make everyone aware that they are going to be outside and Edinburgh can be very cold and wet even in August. Dress warm and be certain of the evening's forecast.

If any of you receiving this were planning to wear just a tartan hat or tie, apparently that's not acceptable. Tartan items in the Currie of Balilone tartan can be purchased through "House of Tartan" and we would suggest them as your first source.

And, we need a headcount of how many of you plan to march with us to the castle that night. I know, I keep asking for a headcount for the pre-Tattoo dinner, the trip to Arran, etc. and all of you have responded for those. However, with the new clothing guidance and the fact that some clansfolk may be attending the pre-Tattoo dinner but not able to or not planning to march with us, I need another headcount for the march up the Royal Mile simply because of security concerns at the castle.

military base and there will be security issues. We will apparently all be required to have a security pass in order to get past the drawbridge, and I need to know how many of those will be required for Clan Currie. Please respond back with how many will be marching with us, wearing Currie tartan in accordance with the guidance above.

(PLEASE NOTE: If a member of your party requires mechanical assistance to walk (like a walker or a wheelchair), they will not be allowed into the castle that night. The Tattoo organizers say it simply isn't possible to get anyone who is "unfit to march" into the Great Hall.)

Finally, as a reminder -- NO WEAPONS will be allowed past the castle drawbridge. I strongly recommend that you leave any swords, dirks, and even your sgian dughs in your hotel room. Any weapons you're wearing would have to be "checked" at the castle gate, and you may not want to hand them over and risk not getting it back.