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Incitement to Battle

Delivered by the bard Lachlan Mòr MacMhuirich to the troops of the Lord of the Isles on the eve of the Battle of Harlaw, July 24, 1411.

O Children of Conn, remember

Hardihood in time of battle:

Be watchful, daring,

Be dextrous, winning renown,

Be vigorous, pre-eminent,

Be strong, brave,

Be valiant, triumphant,

Be resolute, fierce,

Be forceful and stand your ground,

Be nimble, valourous,

Be well-equipped, handsomely accoutred,

Be dominant, watchful,

Be fervid, pugnacious,

Be dour, inspiring fear,

Be ready for action, warrior-like,

Be prompt, war-like,

Be exceedingly fierce, recklessly daring,

Be prepared, willing,

Be numerous, giving battle,

Be fiery, fully-ready,

Be strong, dealing swift blows,

Be spirited, inflicting great wounds,

Be stout-hearted, martial,

Be venomous, implacable,

Be warrior-like, fearless,

Be swift, performing great deads,

Be glorious, nobly powerful,

Be rapid (in movement), very quick,

Be valiant, princely,

Be acting, exceedingly bold,

Be ready, fresh and comely,

Be exceedingly fierce, king-like,

Be eager, be successful,

Be unflurried, striking excellent blows,

Be compact (in your ranks), elated,

Be vigorous, nimble-footed,

In winning the battle against your enemies.

O Children of Conn of the Hundred Battles.

Now is the time for you to win recognition,

O raging whelps,

O sturdy heroes,

O most sprightly lions,

O battle-loving warriors,

O brave, heroic firebrands,

The Children of Conn of the Hundred Battles,

O Children of Conn, remember

Hardihood in time of battle.