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Our Generous Donors and Sponsors

Clan Currie Memorial Monument

Stilligarry, South Uist


The Clan Currie Society thanks all our clansfolk and friends who have made

generous contributions to the Clan Currie Memorial:

Eric Bischoff

St. Louis, MO, USA

David Bowman

(In memory of my mother, Mary Lou Currie)

Redding, CA, USA

Curry Burris

(Descendant of David Currie of Edinburgh)

Takoma Park, MD, USA

Jeffrey Crooke

Ingleside, Ontario, Canada

Lee Currey

Federal Way, WA, USA

Matthew Currey

Champaign, IL, USA

Alan Currie

Armadale, Scotland, UK

Alan Currie

Auckland, NZ

Alan Currie

(In loving memory of Stan Currie)

Greendale, WI, USA

Albert Currie

Sankt Olof, Skåne, Sweden

Carol Currie

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Casey Currie

Austin, TX, USA

Charles Currie

Vancouver, BC, Canada

Daniel Currie

Boston, MA, USA

Darryl Currie

Calgary, AB, Canada

David Currie

South Hamilton, MA, USA

David Currie

Scottsdale, AZ, USA

Dennis Currie

Spring Hill, FL, USA

Dougald Currie

(In memory of D. Angus Currie)

Erie, PA, USA

Douglas Currie

(In memory of my father, Eric William Hislop Currie 1900 - 1974)

Chermside West, Queensland, Australia

Gail Currie

Edmonton, AB, Canada

Gary Currie

Fallbrook, CA, USA

Gordon J. Currie

Chilliwach, BC, Canada

Graeme Currie

Fife, Scotland, UK

Graham Currie

Johannesburg, Gauteng

South Africa

Howard Currie

Tauranga, Bay of Plenty, NZ

James Currie, Jr.

Oro Valley, AZ, USA

James Currie

The Woodlands, TX, USA

Jay D. Currie

Mount Vernon, IA, USA

Joshua Currie

Palestine, TX, USA

Marlowe Currie

Sundre, AB, Canada

Marshall D. Currie

Hephzibah, GA, USA

Max Currie

Waihopai Valley, NZ

Michael Currie

Winchendon, MA, USA

Paul Currie

Edmonton, AB, Canada

Peter Currie

Minden, Queensland, Australia

Piers Currie

London, England, UK

Ralph Currie

Powell River, BC, Canada

Robert Currie

(In memory of Ashton Markoe Currie)

Scotch Plains, NJ USA

Robert Currie

Saanich, BC, Canada

Shaun Currie

Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa

Stephen Currie

Conroe, TX, USA

Thomas Currie

Glasgow, Scotland, UK

Anne-Marie Curry

London, England, UK

Charlotte Curry

Sedalia, MO, USA

Donna J. Curry

Thompson Falls, MT, USA

Ronald Curry

Marietta, GA, USA

Lynn Davis

Christchurch, Canterbury, NZ

John Dye

San Francisco, CA, USA

Bruce Elliott

Ottawa, ON, Canada

Ann Gilfillan

Prescott, AZ, USA

Vernon Gowing

Cambridge, ON, Canada

John Grimaldi

New York, NY

Michael E. Hobbs

(Im memory of my Grandmother, Grace Currie)

Lilburn, GA

John Hover

New Hope, PA, USA

Jean Loraine Currie MacKenzie

Pasadena, CA

Bryan Macpherson

Isle of Benbecula, Scotland, UK

William Marley

(In memory of my Grandfather, Duncan Campbell Currie)

Raleigh, NC, USA

Timothy McCurry

Park Ridge, IL, USA

Steve McErlain

New York, NY, USA

Karin Currie Morris

West Vancouver, BC, Canada

Bonnie Mullinex

Greenville, SC, USA

Henry and Mary Ogden

Summit, NJ USA

Susan Oliver

(In memory of my father, James Hodgart Currie)

Geelong, Victoria, Australia

Beth Petras

(In honor of my gr. gr. grandfather, Donald Currie, a

Scotsman who immigrated to the United States

in the mid 1800's. I am grateful)

Mishawaka, IN, USA

Jennifer Port

Glasgow, Scotland, UK

Robert S. Powers

Westcliffe, CO, USA

Ian Skone-Rees

Studio City, CA, USA

Diana Starling

(In memory of Donald Thomas Currie, a proud Scot)

Danville, VA, USA

Donald Stephens

Portland, OR, USA

Paul H. Stott

Langebaan, South Africa

Arlene Torrens

(In memory of my grandparents, John Shearer Currie

and Christina Millar Currie and my mother, Agnes Hunter Millar Currie.)

La Grange, KY, USA

David G. Wendell

Poulsbo, WA, USA

Nancy J. Whitham

Calgary, AB, Canada

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