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An Invitation to All Clansfolk and Friends

The MacMhuirich Cairn Appeal

Help us Build a Permanent Memorial to Clan Currie and

the MacMhuirich Bards of Stilligarry


"Why I'm Participating"

A Note from David Currie of Claremont, Ontario

As part of the 2012 MacMhuirich Symposium, members of the Clan Currie will be building a memorial cairn at Stilligarry to commemorate the MacMhuirichs of South Uist. For over two centuries, MacMhuirich bards witnessed and recorded the joys and sorrows of the MacDonalds of Clanranald as their Hereditary Bards. In return for their services, the Clanranald Chiefs provided the MacMhuirichs with their home at Stilligarry.

It was from here in South Uist that successive generations of MacMhuirichs penned the famous, Red Book of Clanranald, considered one of the most important literary masterpieces of Gaelic Scotland.

In his book "Scottish Clans and Tartans", Scottish author and historian Ian Grimble writes "The Herbridean name of Currie is the English form of the MacMureach, one of the most ancient and distinguished names in Scotland's history. Through the MacMhuirichs, the Literary Torch in the Western Isles was preserved for generations. They were recognized as the most illustrious body of learned men who were specialists in the heroic literature and genealogy of the ancient Gaelic world".

Generations later, Alexander Carmichael (1832-1912) collected MacMhuirich stories, songs, customs and beliefs from the clan's descendants across South Uist. Carmichael's interviews would be published in his epic anthology, Carmina Gadelica.

It is worth noting that the Clan Currie Society has chosen to undertake this important project on the 100th anniversary of Carmichael's passing in tribute to this important Gaelic scholar.

That is why we invite you take part in this first-of-its-kind Clan initiative through your donations. As a proud member of Clan Currie, or for that matter Clan Donald or anyone interested in preserving Scotland's history, you understand that this memorial is more than just a tribute to the MacMhuirichs, it is also a celebration of Gaelic Scotland's traditions of poetry, song and story-telling.

The cairn will be built by members of the Clan attending our annual MacMhuirich Symposium (Aug. 24-26, 2012). For those who cannot attend, we invite you to submit a stone from a destination befitting your Currie ancestry. In this way, the memorial will reflect just how far our distinguished Clan has reached all four corners of the globe. We invite you to participate in the construction of this monument by submitting a stone in memory of your Currie family. If you wish to submit a stone there is still time to do so. A mailing address to ship your Cairn stone is listed below.

Stones alone, however, are not enough to build a Cairn suitable to memorialize these giants of Gaelic literature. Financial support is needed if this project is to come to fruition.

Costs associated with this project include the installation of a concrete pad, stone cutting fees for the granite inscription, extra stone to complete the Cairn and the expert assistance of a local stone mason to help ensure this monument can withstand the sometimes brutal elements of this Outer Hebridean island.

Additional funds will be needed to produce a weatherproof historical marker which will provide deeper interpretation of this important site.

In addition to financial donations, as previously stated, Clan Currie also welcomes the submission of stones to be incorporated into the Cairn. As the Clan MacMhuirich has spread out to all corners of the globe, so too should this monument reflect our international reach. To date, we have already received stones from MacMhuirich lands in Scotland, the United States, New Zealand, South Africa and Canada. If you would like to have a stone included in the monument, please send them to Bryan Macpherson at the address below. All stones must be received by August 15, 2012 to be included.

The Clan Currie Society thanks their sponsors and partners

for the 2012 Gathering & Symposium:

The Clan Currie Society has also begun preliminary work on sponsoring

a full archaeological excavation of the Stilligarry site.

Keep visiting this website for research updates.

Help Us Honor Our MacMhuirich/Currie Ancestors By Making a Donation Today

n all countries, you can use PayPal to securely donate to the MacMhuirich Cairn Appeal using the PayPal button below. It takes but 5 minutes to open a PayPal account in total security.

If you prefer, you may send your donation directly to the Society at one of the following two locations:


The Clan Currie Society

MacMhuirich Cairn Appeal

P.O. Box 541

Summit, NJ 07902-0541

United Kingdom

The Clan Currie Society

MacMhuirich Cairn Appeal

c/o Mr. Bryan Macpherson

25 Balivanich

Benbecula, HS7 5ND


*The Clan Currie Society is an IRS 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

Donations to the Society are tax-deductible.

2012 Clan Currie Gathering and MacMhuirich Symposium - South Uist, Scotland

The Clan Currie Society is pleased to announce that their 2012 Clan Gathering and MacMhuirich Symposium will be held August 24-26, 2012 on the beautiful island of South Uist, Scotland.