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Learned Kindred of Currie and their place in History

The origins of the Learned Kindred of Currie and their place in History is a book that every Currie and others with an interest in Scotland should read.

You’ll discover why the Curries are not recognised as a clan and why the perfect designation for this ancient family is a Learned Kindred.

The book follows the journey taken by Muiredach O’Daly, the ancestor of the MacMhuirich bardic family, who in turn became Currie as Gaelic names were Angelized during the 18th century.

While the earliest steps in this journey were taken in 13th century Ireland, the MacMhuirichs, for many centuries, made their mark along much of Scotland’s western seaboard. As hereditary bards and genealogists to the Lords of the Isles and others, they carved out a truly unique place in Scotland’s history.

Drawing on research from the world’s foremost Gaelic scholars, the book brings clarity to an often misunderstood part of Scottish history.

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Currie Family History Book

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