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The MacMhuirich Cairn Appeal

Why I'm Participating

by David Currie

Claremont, Ontario, Canada

June 1, 2012

Dear Fellow Clansfolk,

I am inspired to support the aspirations of the Clan Currie Gathering by a series of serendipitous events. I know very little of my Scottish heritage other than the fact that my grandparents on my father’s side came from the Glasgow area (John from Glasgow and Alice from Wishaw). However, anytime I have visited Scotland I am consumed by a strong sense of heritage and connectivity. This was brought to a head when, in 2010, I participated in a golf excursion to the west coast to play some of those storied courses.

I had heard rumours of a ancient ‘Old’ Tom Morris course (Askernish) on South Uist that had disappeared shortly after World War I but had recently been brought back to life by a devoted group of enthusiasts in the area. I was determined to check it out for myself and convinced one of my colleagues on the excursion to accompany me on a three day side trip to Askernish.

From the moment we landed at Benbecula, I sensed something special about the land, like being home…!

Our first round of golf confirmed the feeling that this was my land, my people. To add further proof, there were three young girls outside our lodging taking pictures of each other and I offered to be the photographer so they could all be in the shot. Introductions were made and it turned out that two of them were Currie’s…! I was told that it was a most common name on South Uist.

I am now a Life Member of Askernish and returned last year on two occasions to enjoy this magical place. My wife accompanied me on one of these visits and we stopped by to view the ruins of Ormacleit Castle, legendary seat of Macdonald, Chief of Clanranald. She shares with me the love for South Uist and Askernish. We participated in the Askernish Open, a three day club championship, and made arrangements several months ago to return again this year for this same event.

Fortunately or, perhaps, unfortunately we later learned that the Clan Currie Gathering is to be held on South Uist over the exact same three days – August 24 – 26. This will make for a very hectic few days but I understand that organizers for both events are attempting to co-ordinate itineraries with regard to golf. I would encourage anyone planning to attend the Clan Currie Gathering to bring along your clubs for there is pure magic out there on the links at Askernish, a course that John Garrity of Sports Illustrated ranks his #1 course in the world.

I commend the organizers of the Gathering for undertaking this ambitious event. I am excited about the erection of a memorial cairn honouring the MacMhuirich’s of South Uist and have happily contributed financial support and a suitable stone from the Canadian Shield in memory of my father and grandfather.


David Currie

Claremont, Ontario, Canada

The Clan Currie Society thanks David Currie for these inspiring words.

May we count on your support?