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February 21, 2017

UPDATE: Chief of Name and Arms of Currie – Call for Representers

Family Convention to be held at Trades Hall of Glasgow on 15 August 2017 at 2:00 PM

The Clan Currie Society seeks to gain formal recognition of a Chief of Name and Arms by the Lord Lyon King of Arms. Having an armigerous Chief, Currie would then be constituted and regarded as a learned family in its own right.

At its first AGM in 2000 the Society resolved to set into motion the activities that would result in that end. Over the past fifteen years there has been substantial progress.

We now call for Representers, those who believe that they have the qualifications and interest to be considered as a candidate for interim Commander. The interim Commander will be selected by a Family Convention (once called a Derbhfine), overseen by Liam Devlin, Unicorn Pursuivant, as the appointed Supervising Officer. Recognition will then be sought from the Lord Lyon, presiding over the Lyon Court.

The interim Commander, if recognised, would then act as the head of Currie, in the anticipation of recognition as Chief. The Commander would serve until such time as a claim to the chiefly line should be put forward for recognition as such by Lyon, or a new Chief be selected by a Family Convention, and recognized by Lyon.

Representers will be expected to have their line of descent drawn up, or present existing pedigrees, with full proofs of every generational step. The Lord Lyon operates a judicial court, therefore the Clan Currie Society must abide by that.

Representers must bear their own expenses in regard of the required documents, and attendance at the Family Convention. (Participants outwith Scotland may be able to participate by video link or similar if unable to attend in person. Attendance in person is highly preferable.)

Representers, male or female, must have been born a Currie, MacMhurich etc. (or variant thereof) and be of good repute (e.g. no felony convictions) and be at least one of the following:

  1. Scottish Armigers properly granted or having matriculated Armorial Bearings in Scotland.

    --Those who have not yet received Letters Patent, but have begun the process should indicate this, which will be noted at the Family Convention.

  2. Landowners in Scotland with five acres or more without lien or valued at 350,000 or more pounds sterling, or with planning permission or the likelihood of planning permission for a dwelling; or a dwelling in Scotland.

  3. Current and past members of the Clan Currie Society (but this is not a restriction).

This will not be an exclusive exercise – for example, someone who is legally a Currie by adoption or entail could be considered; however, anyone who has changed surname to thereby become considered for selection will not be considered.

Further information on this process is available on request. Those desirous of responding may send their intent to the Chaplain of the Clan Currie Society who will coordinate the collection of these efforts, and if required suggest a genealogist who can help. Dr. Bruce Durie will be present for advice on technical, genealogical and historical matters, but will not take part in the discussions or determinations, unless invited to comment or advise.

Representers have until noon, 30 June 2017 to come forward by intimating their wish to be considered as described below. After scrutiny, each Representer’s documents will be submitted to the Family Convention for consideration. Unanimity, or near unanimity on the Representer elected by the Family Convention will be required before submission to the Lyon Court will be made. Those presenting applications for consideration by the Family Convention must agree to be bound by the decision of the Family Convention, without demur or challenge.

In order for any person to be a Representer, and ultimately as Chief, that person must be armigerous or expect to inherit arms, or, if not, be prepared to petition for and be granted arms by the Lord Lyon. This petition could occur after the selection is made, as ultimately the armiger will have to re-petition for recognition as Chief of Name and Arms, with possible alteration of existing arms. Anyone bearing arms granted in another jurisdiction (say, England, Ireland or Canada) must be prepared to have those arms accepted or re-granted in Scotland by the Lord Lyon.

The Clan Currie Society, by separate solicitation, shall also call for interested parties who meet the criteria to comprise the Family Convention for the purpose of electing the interim Commander. The Family Convention may include senior members of the Society and Currie armigers, with individuals having particular expertise in these matters, as the Board of the Society shall determine.

As we progress, it will likely be necessary to appoint a Shennachie-elect to prepare the necessary documents. Any individuals putting themselves forward as Representer, or invited to be considered, will thereby not be eligible to be a voting member of the Family Convention, or as Shennachie-elect.

Those wishing to be considered as interim Commander, chosen at a Family Convention as above, should intimate this to the Chaplain of the Clan Currie Society, the Revd. Dr. David A. Currie: [email protected]

Clan Currie Society website:

The guidelines for conducting a Family Convention can be consulted at: 

Respectfully submitted,

Rev. Dr. David A. Currie

Chaplain, Clan Currie Society