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January 27, 2017

Why a Commander instead of a Chief?

  • Because there are no records of the Curries ever having a chief, there is no hereditary line that could be traced to determine who would be in line to be the current chief. As a result, the first step in more formal recognition and organization is the identification of a Commander for the Learned Family of Currie through a Family Convention under the supervision of the Court of the Lord Lyon of Scotland.
  • The Commander would then act as the head of Currie, in the anticipation of recognition as Chief. The Commander would serve until such time as a claim to the chiefly line should be put forward for recognition as such by Lyon, or a new Chief be selected by a Family Convention, and recognized by Lyon.
  • More information about those who would qualify to be considered as the Commander will be forthcoming.

Rev. Dr. David Currie

Chaplain, Clan Currie Society