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December 31, 2016

Why Is the Clan Currie Society facilitating a Currie Family Convention for the purpose of identifying a Commander?

  • As I have met Curries from around the world over the past two decades I have served as Chaplain to the Clan Currie Society, many of us have asked each other the same questions: ‘Are we Curries a clan? If so, why don’t we have a chief? Is this different from having a clan society and a president? Are we a sept of another clan?...’
  • The society has taken active steps to answer these questions by sponsoring several academic conferences in which leading scholars have presented papers on the bardic tradition in general and the special role of the Curries –or in Gaelic, the MacMhuirichs (literally ‘sons of the bard’). In addition, we commissioned a distinguished local historian of Benbecula and the Uists, Angus MacMillan, and a highly respected professional genealogist, Dr. Bruce Durie, to investigate the origins and development of the Curries as a bardic dynasty.

The findings of these various researchers have all pointed in the same direction: the Curries are a distinct West Coast family, learned kindred, tracing common descent from Muireadhach Ua Dailidh (O'Daly), an Irish bard who relocated to Scotland in 1213.

As a result of these findings, the Clan Currie Society approached the Lord Lyon about receiving formal recognition as a learned family through the identification of a Representer of the Name, initially through a Commander.

Rev. Dr. David A. CurrieChaplain, Clan Currie Society